• “OUT Video” (International Festival of Video Art in Urban Space, YEKATERINBURG) • “Wide Open Digital” (Digital Art Exhibition, DigitalArtCalifornia, California) • “Wassily Kandinsky” (Interactive Installation Exhibition, Press CreativeApplications.Net, Brazil) • “Nodes Of Connection” (Audiovisual Performance, Rome) • “Computational Drawing” (Code Art Exhibition, Press Digital Art Served, New York) • “Pure Data” (Introduction Interactive Media Workshop, Hazzo Pulo, İstanbul) • “Typing Sound” (Web Based Sound Installation) • “Young” (Audiovisual Performance, Mute) • “Hospital” (Three Interactive Audioreactive Screen Installation, Mute) • “E.M.I.I.” (Five Original Interactive Music Instrument Exhibition, Installation) • “K.B.M.O.” (Dance Performance with Live Electronic Music, CRR Concert Hole, Turkey) • “Emergent Content Creation” (Using Genetic Algorithms with Bilgi Student and Kim Cascone, Performance in Santralistanbul Museum of Energy) • “Monday Morning Experiment” (Thirteen persons play in one stage with different instruments at the same time, Performance , Peyote) • “Earthen From Sky ” (Audiovisual Performance, Balans, İstanbul) • “Love, Hate, Passion” (Audiovisual Performance, Galata Perform, Istanbul) • “1394″ (Audiovisual Performance, Dogzstar, Istanbul Music Albums & Singles • “A Part of Istanbul” (2008) Electronic Music Album Release (Composition, Recording, Mixing, Mastering) • “H-Colors” (2010) Electronic Music Album Release (Composition, Recording, Mixing, Mastering) • “K.B.M.O.” (2011) Live Electronic Music Album Release (Composition, Recording, Mixing, Mastering) • “Young” (2011-Present) Live Electronic Music Album (Composition, Recording, Mixing, Mastering) • SPRING BREAK • SUBNOISE • CONDUCTOR • JACKHEADS • WINDOWS MEDIA • @RT&@RTIST • IGNORE SYSTEM • DIRTY&CLEAN • TURN INSIDE OUT • PEOPLE SOMETIMES • SOUNDART • GOGI • FOR GUY • }buses{ • LAYERS, REELS (HEY NERD!) • A HEAVY SPRING & GRAVITY Search on Itunes or google music library for each singles with my name to listen all of them…

Film Music & Sound • “İş Arıyoruz” Turkish Comedy Cinema Film (Music Composition, Sound Design, Foley Recording) • “Black Journal , (Kara Defter)” Short Film (Music Composition, Sound Design, Foley Recording) Awards ; Galatasaray University 3rd Sinepark Film Festival, Best Film , Nokia Nseries 3rd , Film Festival – Turkey 2009 : Rising Star Nominations ; İstanbul Technical University 2nd Film Contest 2009 (Finalist), Marmara , University 11th International Film Contest (Finalist) • “1ADO” Short Film (Foley Recording, Sound Design, Music Composition ) • “Dream Or Reality” Short Animation (Sound Design, Music Composition ) Books • Computational Drawing with Functions Computational drawing books has been prepared within the period between the year I was graduated from my university department of faculty of art and sciences (summer 2011) and today (2012). All drawing inside the e-book were coded by an integrated open source processing development environment, and concluded with Controlp5Library, user can interface with functions and giving the chance to intervene to drawing points. There sections within the book are for describing there different programs. Its all are completing the drawings formed by the expresses of functions and algorithms turing inside it Visit to preview • Multimedia Programming with Pure Data This book was written by Bryan WC Chung He was mention about my Pure Data Patches on his book, it is media programming software. Know as a dataflow language.

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